Ted’s First Groom

A couple of weeks ago Ted and I went to The Soggy Doggie Dog Grooming in Wigan to get his first ever haircut. Ted is quite nervous round other dogs so I didn’t want to take him to a grooming salon where he would be faced with the stress of not only getting a bath (which he hates) but also being surrounded by other dogs. I found Laura through her dog’s instagram page @talesofrex where she told me about her dog grooming business that she runs from home. This sounded perfect for Ted as all of her appointments are one to one with each dog and she keeps it very personal to them and their needs.

Upon arrival we were greeted by Laura who took us through to the back of her house which she has converted into a space for dog grooming. We wanted to give Ted a little bit of time to get used to his surroundings before his makeover began so he went for a little sniff around the house and met Drogo the bearded dragon although I think he was more interested in his cage than anything else!

Because it was Ted’s first time and he does suffer from mild separation anxiety Laura very kindly let me stay to watch and take photos of his groom. Before she started we took him outside to get a before shot of his scruffy look.


As much as I did love the long hair it was getting a bit out of control, especially around the eyes. So I was incredibly excited for him to have a little tidy up. Ted on the other hand, was not!


We started out with a bath. Ted chose his own shampoo after sniffing them all and trying to eat the bottle! He tried to act like he was hating it but when it came to being shampooed you could tell that he was loving it really. He did not love having it washed off though! He screamed the place down. Personally I think he was playing it up because he knew that I could hear him.


Once the bath was over the time came for the hairdryer. Honestly I thought that this would be the worsed part as he was scared of the wind when we hiked to the top of Mam Tor a few days earlier!

He was a bit nervous at first, but Laura really took the time to get him used to it and show him that it was ok. He then proceeded to sit nicely for her and let her dry him, all the while looking over at me as if to say ‘I hate you’.

It was then time for a trim. At this point I left the room completely and went to hide in the kitchen and drink my cup of tea! He didn’t need much off his body as he’s not got much fur to begin with. The main focus was around his face! He’s a wiggly little monster at the best of times so I was amazed by the fact that Laura managed to not only trim his head and around his eyes, but also made is completely even. He has an awful habit of trying to eat anything you put near his mouth so I can only imagine how much patience is just have taken to trim him. But Ted still loved her and even tried giving kisses to get out of his haircut!

He looked like a different (much fluffier) dog afterwards! He didn’t seem phased by his groom at all. In fact he ran upstairs and retrieved a pair of socks to play with, then settled down on the sofa for a nap. He definitely made himself at home!


I’d highly recommend The Soggy Doggie to anyone in the local area, especially people who have puppies that they’d like to have a very positive first grooming experience.

Love Ellie, Amber and Ted x

Ted’s Adoption Story

It’s hard to believe that it was only three moths ago that I picked Ted up from his foster home. He’s settled in so well and really become a part of the family, even Amber loves him! In celebration of owning Ted for a quarter of a year, I wanted to share his story.

I adopted Ted (formerly know as Shanti) on 6th October 2018 from Many Tears Animal Rescue. The adoption process started around three weeks before this when I applied for him via their website. I had to give them all of the usual details, my working hours, what other pets I had etc. A few days later I was contacted by a lovely local lady on behalf of Many Tears to arrange a house visit. She came to check the house and make sure that everything was suitable for a rescue puppy. Thankfully we were approved! Because I am under 25 I also had to give them some references, but even if you are over this age it is favourable to offer references anyway.

Once I had been through the process of being approved to adopt, I was contacted by Ted’s foster mum. She told me a bit more about him, what his personality was like and what she thought he would need in his new home. She also gave me the background on where he had come from. His litter had been rescued from a puppy farm and weren’t in a very good condition. They were all underweight and in desperate need of a wash. Ted and his two brothers all went to the same foster home and his two sisters were sent elsewhere. Despite going through so much at such a young age, he sounded like an amazing little dog so I then arranged to go and visit him with the hope of taking him home.

Although Many Tears is based in Wales, Ted was in foster in Wiltshire. This meant a 7 hour round trip to pick him up. When we arrived at the house I was so nervous to meet him. We walked into the room and were greeted by this TINY little puppy hiding on the sofa. He was so much smaller than I had expected him to be, but that just made him even cuter! I spent a bit of time with him and watched him interact with his foster mum as he was much too scared to play with me. She then let a few of her other foster dogs come in to play with Ted and his sweet little personality really started to shine through. I already knew he was the one for me when I set eyes on him, but this just confirmed it.

We did all of the boring paperwork stuff and then it was time to go. He was so good on the journey home, we had him in a crate full of puppy pads but he didn’t have any accidents at all. He just sat in silence taking it all in!

When we got home, we brought Amber outside to meet him. She was disgusted that there was a puppy in her garden but Ted was so pleased to see another dog. You could definitely see him relax a little when he realised he was with one of his own. Although he was disappointed when he tried to play with her, she was having none of it. She completely ignored him for the first couple of weeks but over time they have bonded.

Three months on and they’re best buds. Amber has finally learned how to play after 7 years of her life and Ted’s confidence has grown enormously. I was hoping that Amber would be able to teach Ted how to be a dog but it has definitely been the opposite! He’s made her realise that she’s not actually human, even if she likes to pretend she is. Ted does come with his challenges which I’m sure i’ll talk about in later blogs, but he’s worth them all! I can’t imagine life without him now.


Ellie, Amber and Ted x

New Year, New Blog!

Happy 2019! I know it’s late but I still can’t believe i’m writing that. Where did the year go?

To kick off the New Year I thought i’d share some of our 2019 plans/ resolutions with you all!

One of my main goals this year is to travel a lot more with the dogs. In 2018 we did Northumberland, Dorset and Loch Awe in Scotland (Ted’s first holiday) but there are just so many places on our list that we haven’t visited yet. I’ll give you my top 3 as if I wrote the whole list you’d be reading for hours. In no particular order, I plan on visiting Cornwall, more of Scotland (especially the Gelnfinnan Viaduct) and Snowdonia. I also plan on getting into hiking this year and taking day trips to the Lake District and Peak district as both are only around 2 hours away from us by car!

Another goal I have this year is to Improve Ted’s behaviour with continued training and confidence building. He may look like a little angel in photos but because of his background he’s quite a complicated character. For those of you who don’t know Ted, I adopted him back in October 2018 after he had been rescued from a puppy farm. Up until the age of 13 weeks when I brought him home he had not been socialised with any other dogs apart from the ones in his foster home and had only been in regular contact with one person. For this reason, he is still getting to grips with other dogs and how to act around them. I also plan on working hard on his recall now that his confidence around dogs is growing – at the moment he thinks he always had to get to them to play before they get to him (don’t worry, he’s always on a long line).

Now for the blog! You may have noticed that this is the only post I currently have live. I have decided to start a fresh for the new year as I want to do it properly this time. I have created a posting schedule for myself which includes at least one blog post a week. On top of this I hope to improve my blog audience as well as social media presence. I really enjoy writing about my experiences whether that be Ted’s training or Amber’s adventures so would absolutely love to have a larger audience to share that with!

What are your plans for 2019? We’d love to hear them!

Love, Ellie, Amber and Ted x