Dog Cooling Hacks

It’s that time of year again when the sun makes an appearance from behind the clouds and every single person in England is sporting a pair of shorts! But what does that mean for our pooches… Do they enjoy the hot weather as much as we do?

They can! If the right measures are put in place to keep them cool. So I thought I’d share some dog cooling tips and tricks with you all!


Although us Brits often joke about the bad weather and constant rain in the UK, we do have the occasional extremely hot summer’s day. If the weather is forecast to be over 20°C during the day, Amber and Ted get their walkies either early in the morning or late in the evening as these are the cooler times of day. Or, if we do venture out when it’s hot, I make sure we go somewhere with open water for them to paddle in – usually the beach or a lake! I also try to avoid walking them on paths when it’s warm as they get rather hot, this is another reason to go in the morning/ evening. If you can’t place your hand on the pavement and hold it there for 5 seconds, it’s much too hot for your pups little paws!


If you have a double coated dog, ignore everything I’m about to say.

I know this one is obvious but I thought I’d throw it in here anyway, if not to just explain why Amber looks so naked during the summer! I try to keep her as short as possible during the summer in order to keep her cool. I get her groomed shorter and more regularly than in the winter months. If I’m honest, I prefer her with long hair but her comfort comes before my prefrences!

Ted doesn’t take as much grooming as he has a wire coat and it’s not too thick. When he does get groomed I have him stripped with a little trim around his face and beard.

Cooling mats/ coats

I honestly don’t know what I’d do if it wasn’t for cooling mats. Amber and Ted have one easy as well as a larger one to share. We got ours from B&M for about £4.99 last year.

If you’ve not got a cooling mat and don’t want to buy one don’t worry, we’ve got some alternatives for you!

A few summers ago I couldn’t find a cooling mat in any of the shops for ages (I ended up ordering the one she had online in the end) so I used a damp tea towel for Amber to lay on instead. It worked a treat! If you have a larger dog you can use a towel and it will do the same thing. Tiled floors in shaded rooms are also great for your dog to lay on when it’s hot. If I can see that Amber is too hot during the summer I’ll take her to sit it the kitchen for a while on the cold tiles to cool off. Again, this works as a great alternative to a cooling mat but obviously isn’t portable! Well, you could try to bring a tile with you but it might be a bit of a hassle.

This year I have got Amber and Ted both a cooling mat and coat & they’ve already been getting great use out of them.

Paddling pool/ Swimming

Although Amber and Ted will paddle in water (Ted will actually swim) if they’re out for a walk on a hot day, they have not yet braved a paddling pool. But for the more water loving dogs out there, a paddling pool in the shade is a fun way to keep cool in the summer. Or if you’re Amber, it’s a traumatic one!

Hydration & frozen treats

Keeping hydrated is a must, however there are more fun ways to do it than your conventional water bowl. Amber doesn’t drink a lot, even during them summer so this is one of my top tips to get fluids inside your stubborn dog!

This is definitely Amber’s favourite way to keep the heat at bay. If it involves food, she’s the first one to take part.

You can make these two ways, either using ice lolly molds or using an ice cube tray for smaller frozen treats. You can find some great recipes for frozen treats online! Amber and Ted are always trying out new ones.

We also discovered Pawsecco pops and the Billy and Margot doggy ice cream tubs at Dog Fest which are fab!

Do you do anything else to keep your dog cool that I haven’t mentioned? Let us know!


Ellie, Amber & Ted x