Ted’s Adoption Story

It’s hard to believe that it was only three moths ago that I picked Ted up from his foster home. He’s settled in so well and really become a part of the family, even Amber loves him! In celebration of owning Ted for a quarter of a year, I wanted to share his story.

I adopted Ted (formerly know as Shanti) on 6th October 2018 from Many Tears Animal Rescue. The adoption process started around three weeks before this when I applied for him via their website. I had to give them all of the usual details, my working hours, what other pets I had etc. A few days later I was contacted by a lovely local lady on behalf of Many Tears to arrange a house visit. She came to check the house and make sure that everything was suitable for a rescue puppy. Thankfully we were approved! Because I am under 25 I also had to give them some references, but even if you are over this age it is favourable to offer references anyway.

Once I had been through the process of being approved to adopt, I was contacted by Ted’s foster mum. She told me a bit more about him, what his personality was like and what she thought he would need in his new home. She also gave me the background on where he had come from. His litter had been rescued from a puppy farm and weren’t in a very good condition. They were all underweight and in desperate need of a wash. Ted and his two brothers all went to the same foster home and his two sisters were sent elsewhere. Despite going through so much at such a young age, he sounded like an amazing little dog so I then arranged to go and visit him with the hope of taking him home.

Although Many Tears is based in Wales, Ted was in foster in Wiltshire. This meant a 7 hour round trip to pick him up. When we arrived at the house I was so nervous to meet him. We walked into the room and were greeted by this TINY little puppy hiding on the sofa. He was so much smaller than I had expected him to be, but that just made him even cuter! I spent a bit of time with him and watched him interact with his foster mum as he was much too scared to play with me. She then let a few of her other foster dogs come in to play with Ted and his sweet little personality really started to shine through. I already knew he was the one for me when I set eyes on him, but this just confirmed it.

We did all of the boring paperwork stuff and then it was time to go. He was so good on the journey home, we had him in a crate full of puppy pads but he didn’t have any accidents at all. He just sat in silence taking it all in!

When we got home, we brought Amber outside to meet him. She was disgusted that there was a puppy in her garden but Ted was so pleased to see another dog. You could definitely see him relax a little when he realised he was with one of his own. Although he was disappointed when he tried to play with her, she was having none of it. She completely ignored him for the first couple of weeks but over time they have bonded.

Three months on and they’re best buds. Amber has finally learned how to play after 7 years of her life and Ted’s confidence has grown enormously. I was hoping that Amber would be able to teach Ted how to be a dog but it has definitely been the opposite! He’s made her realise that she’s not actually human, even if she likes to pretend she is. Ted does come with his challenges which I’m sure i’ll talk about in later blogs, but he’s worth them all! I can’t imagine life without him now.


Ellie, Amber and Ted x