Dog Fest North 2019 | Tatton Hall

Amber and I were lucky enough to be #Gifted tickets to Dog Fest North this year by the lovely PitPat activity monitor team. Sadly Ted wasn’t able to come as he would have been far too overwhelmed but we spent the weekend with the lovely Hayleigh and Toby from @lifewithtoby so I don’t think Amber missed him too much. For the first time ever we spent the entire weekend at Dog Fest – despite it only ever being around half an hours drive (or less) from our house.

I wanted to share some of our highlights from the weekend with you all – I’d highly recommend visiting all of these companies if you attend dog fest next year or if you’re going to Dog Fest West on the 22nd – 23rd June!

Pit Pat

It’s no secret that we love all things PitPat! In fact, Amber and Ted are even brand ambassadors for PitPat life. Their Dog Fest stand seems to get better and better each year.

@lifewithtoby, @cheshirecanines and @timmy_taz_toby_doodleadventire

This year they had a hay bale race for the dog’s to compete in! Amber and Toby went head to head and no surprises, Amber came last. Once the pups had completed their race they got their victory photo (or defeat photo in Amber’s case) taken to be posted on the PitPat facebook page and received a rosette.


At the stand they also had a Prosecco bar for any Pit Pat pack members! To become a pack member all you need to do is get your dog one of their activity monitors. They had lots of fun toys for the pups to play with as well, and even little bowls of Pawsecco for them. Unfortunately as it was raining, Amber and Toby spent most of their time sheltering under a coat in my shopping cart.


Despite the rain, being able to check Amber’s PitPat at the end of the day let me know that she had indeed been enjoying herself and even had some playing on her monitor and not just walking (which is what usually happens at events).

I know I go on about it a lot but having a PitPat has really helped Amber in her weight loss journey and now that we can earn points whilst exercising as members of PitPat life, it just makes it all the more exciting! The activity monitors are usually £39 but at dog fest they were being sold for an amazing deal at £24 – if you’re heading to Dog Fest West i’d highly recommend both the PitPat itself and a visit to there stand for some fun activities!

Billy + Margot


This isn’t a brand we knew much about before meeting their lovely team at Dog Fest over the weekend but they welcomed me and Amber as if they’d known us for years. Amber was very spoiled with attention and Ice cream samples.


I think we all know by now that Amber is very into her food, however she’s always been a little bit funny about frozen products – It took me hours to get her confident eating a pawsecco pop – but she couldn’t get enough of the Billy + Margot Ice cream. She liked it so much that the only way I could get her to leave their stand was to take the pot of ice cream with me and even then she was reluctant. They also gave us a sample pack of their wild boar food which Amber has been loving as treats.


Oh and can we quickly just talk about this enormous deck chair! Always fun to take photos in – even ones of people as well as pooches.

Bought By Many


Now I know what you’re thinking… insurance? That sounds boring! But honestly I think this was the highlight of Amber’s second day at Dog Fest. Their stand consisted of all things fun for dogs. They had a paddling pool, a ball pool and treats (Amber’s favourite part). They were also giving out free pimms for the humans which was definitely my favourite bit!

Service please!


Amber & Freddie from @izzyfreddie

Surprise, surprise Amber found more food! I’ve been wanting to get some Cold Pressed food for a while now so Wilsons was on our list of brands to visit whilst at Dog Fest. Since Ted is raw fed I needed a dry food that could be fed alongside this for when we travel.


I think Amber and Toby got a bit too excited by sample bags of food as somehow they ended up sat in them. We went for the Salmon flavour in the end and got a 2.5kg bag for £10 instead of £17.99 – since Ted is so mini this will last him a long time so it was great value for money.



Over at the PDSA stand they were hosting demonstrations/ workshops about animal first aid and offering free health checks for your dog. We attended a very informative talk about what to do if your dog is choking and I definitely walked away knowing a lot more than I did before.

Lily’s Kitchen


I think Amber’s face says it all here. She was very impressed by the Lily’s kitchen stand. They had a little doggy picnic complete with deck chairs where your dog could sample some of their dry food. There were some other fun activities to such as a ball pool for the pups and a ‘win the tin’ game for the humans. They were also giving out samples of their wet food that you could go and personalise with your dogs name.

Hound Hangout



We had a fab time at the Hound Hangout meeting some insta- famous pooches. We finally met @HoneyB_Doodle after 5 years of attending the same events and constantly missing each other. We also met the lovely Elsa from @pawsacrossbritain, @piperthecockapoo, @flossie_and_family/ @maddie_and_family and @KingSturge.

We met some other friends whilst walking around DogFest this weekend so here’s a little collage of all the cuties we got to cuddle with.


Featuring @Iris_and_Ivy_mini_sausages, Toby from @jessyyandthewonderdogs, @poppy.the.rommie, @Timmy_Taz_Toby_Doodleadventure and Freddie from @IzzyFreddie. We also met @TheWorldOfSkye and @Wilson_cockapoo but sadly didn’t get any photos.

We had an amazing weekend at DogFest and can’t wait to go back next year!


Ellie & Amber

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