A Dog’s Guide to Formby Beach

Formby Beach is Amber’s all time favourite walk location, she sees the sand and all of a sudden it’s like she’s a real dog. She runs, paddles, chases birds and even occasionally plays with other dogs! We are very lucky to have such a great dog walking location just a 40 minute drive from us.



There are two car parks at Formby beach, both owned by the national trust. We are members to always choose to park in the car parks but a lot of people choose to park on the streets leading up to them so that they don’t have to pay for parking. Our car park of choice is usually Life Boat Road as this includes a lovely walk over the sand dunes to get to the beach – however the car park on Victoria road is also a great option as you have the woodland red squirrel walk that leads you down to the beach. I prefer this one if i’m planning on spending a full day at the beach as there are toilet facilities and a woodland for shade if it gets too warm.



During the summer months we tend to avoid going to the beach during the day as it gets quite busy with the children being off school, especially when the weather is nice. I tend to take Amber in the early morning or late evening so that it’s cool enough for her to run around and have a proper play. We’ll either arrive before 8am in the morning or after 7am in the evening which also means that the parking kiosks are closed so you can park for free, even if you’re not a national trust member! I have to say I prefer the evenings as the beach is north-west facing so you get a gorgeous sunset on a clear day.

Our Walk


Upon arrival at the back we usually walk straight down towards the sea, as Amber quite likes chasing the waves. The beach is the only place she’ll go further into water than just dipping her toes in, she’s even had a swim a few times which is unheard of for a lazy, water-phobic dog! We then walk along for a few miles and come back on ourselves to get back to the car – i’d love to be able to do a longer walk but that’s more than enough for Amber as she’ll chase seagulls and run ahead along the way so she’s usually knackered afterwards. I took her on Sunday evening and she still hasn’t moved since (It’s now Tuesday).

Her PitPat results on Sunday:

An average day for Amber:

What’s your favourite place to walk with your dog? Any other beach babies out there?

Love Ellie & Amber (and Ted who also loves the beach, he’s just struggling with other dogs at the minute so hasn’t been for a while)

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