What’s in my car?| Dog Friendly Travel

I have always been a big fan of travelling, but one thing I hate doing is leaving the dogs behind. When travelling in the UK whether it be a day trip or a weekend away, I always bring at least one dog along for the adventure. We do occasionally take the train, but most of the time I will drive to our destination. This means that my car has to be full of the essentials for dog friendly travel. So I thought i’d share these with you all to give you some inspiration when taking your own road trips with your pups.


In my boot I have a basket of our travel must haves. I find keeping them all in one place not only saves me space, but also keeps the items from flying all over the car as I drive. _DSC7276.jpg

In this basket I have a fleece for each dog. I find these very handy to keep in the car when taking a dog friendly trip for several reasons. If I know that it’s going to be muddy, I’ll put these fleeces on at the beginning of the walk to avoid a bath afterwards. On the very rare occasion that either of my dogs do decide to venture into water, they’re also handy to pop on after a walk to keep my car seats dry. Ted’s fleece is from Equafleece and Amber’s is from DryHound.

Another important thing that I keep in the car is a roll of poo bags. I do usually have some in my coat pockets but if I was ever to run out I know is always have back ups waiting for me in the car!


If we’re taking a longer journey I like to bring some chews to keep the dogs occupied when we stop off at the services or nip into a pub to get some food. These ones are the pure chicken chews from JR Pet Products but another chew my two love are the Soopa ones.


One of the most important things I bring with us on car journeys is a water bowl and a large bottle of water. I got our collapsable bowl from TK Maxx because it matches Amber’s K9 Sport Sack which isn’t in the photos as it’s in the wash – but I usually have that in my boot as well to keep everything that I want to take on walks with us in.


In our travel basket I also keep a lead for each dog, a Pet Teezer because Amber just has to look at a twig to get it stuck in her tail, a tennis ball for Ted and a spare treat bag from Luna’s Loft full of treats that won’t go off being left in the car. I do usually use chicken and cheese to train Ted but it’s good to have a back up incase I forget his other treat bag!


In terms of what I take for the dogs to sit on in the car, they have a choice of blankets and a bed. These all go onto my back seats as my boot is absolutely tiny and although the dogs are also tiny, they prefer having room to stretch out and nap whilst I drive. Their bed is from Collared Creatures and is the prefect size for the seats of my car!


Since I put Amber and Ted on the back seats of my car I use a seatbelt attached to their Ruffwear harnesses to secure them in. We got our seat belts from Pets at Home. Rule 57 of the Highway Code states “When in a vehicle make sure dogs or other animals are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you, or themselves, if you stop quickly.” Other ways you can restrain your dog in the car is by getting a dog guard or crate for your boot.


Something else I have just ordered for my car is a doggy first aid kit. Since we are getting more into hiking I wanted to make sure I have the means to deal with any accidents/ injuries that the dogs may have. Especially Amber who probably holds the title or words most broken dog.


That’s everything. Now get in losers, we’re going shopping! Amber’s driving so you’re definitely going to need those doggy seat belts on.


Ellie, Amber and Ted

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