Formby Lifeboat Road Beach

We’ve been having some lovely weather recently and according to the forecast it’s only going to get better! To celebrate I decided to take Amber on a trip to Formby beach.

We have visited Formby a few times before and have always parked in their Victoria Road car park. If I’m totally honest I thought that was the only car park they had until our recent visit. On our way to our usual car park we drove past a sign for ‘Lifeboat Road Beach’ and when we hit traffic we decided to turn around and follow this sign to see where it took us!

When we arrived we discovered a whole other car park (Lifeboat Road car park) and another part of the beach which I had no idea existed. I’m sure it’s common knowledge but it came as a surprise to me.

On a hot day, Formby is usually packed but this ‘new’ part of the beach we found seemed to be a lot quiter which is far more enjoyable when you’re with an attention seeking dog who needs cuddles from everyone who looks at her. She’s a nightmare on a busy beach!

When we arrived on the beach Amber ran straight down to the water. Yes you did read that right… Amber RUNS on the beach! She’ll even make friends and actually play with them.

She spent a lot of time playing with a lovely little Cockapoo. Until his owner got some sausages out, she spent her time after that begging for those instead.

After a lot of fun playing in the water and being fed sausages it was time to leave. Being the mad dog she is, Amber likes to try and dry herself off on the sand… it never ends well.

She’s never impressed when she gets told off for this either. Just look at that face – she’s fuming!

Dog beach hack: If, like me are an awful dog mother and forget to bring a bowl out of the car, kill two birds with one stone! Get yourself an ice cream then use the empty tub as a make shift bowl.

After a lovely day on the beach we headed home for what Amber hoped would be a nap, but in reality was a bath. We’re definitely going to be exploring some more new beaches over the summer. It makes for a great day out!


Ellie and Amber x

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