Central Bark Dog Cafe

Amber and I had a lovely bank holiday walk planned but the sun came along and ruined it. This is England… We don’t plan for sun! It was far too hot to take Amber on any kind of walk (even with her fresh trim) so we decided to do something different and went to explore Central Bark Manchester. This is a dog cafe with a difference – it’s beach themed! Very fitting considering the weather – we had all the joys of the beach but without the sunburn and dehydration.

Upon arrival you are greeted with a ‘pee station’ which in any other situation would be rather worrying! Once your dog has made use of this facility, you can go inside and find yourself a seat in the cafe.

We were greeted by one of the lovely staff members as soon as we walked through the door and of course, Amber got a lot of attention. We were also greeted by some other furry friends as not only can you bring your dog, they also have some very well behaved pooches wondering around the cafe.

When it came to ordering food the service was incredible quick. I decided on some Avocado toast and being the greedy person I am had a big slice of chocolate cake for pudding!

As well as just being a dog cafe, Central Bark also offeres a day care service. You can even book your dog in for an hours play with the day care dogs whilst you enjoy your food – I decided to keep Amber with me in the cafe as she’s boring and doesn’t really play.

They do also offer a boarding service and I have to say it seems like a great environment for your pup to spend a holiday. They spend time walking the dogs who are boarding with them around the cafe so that they can say hi to everyone! Some of the well behaved ones even get to hang out in the cafe all day along with the manager’s dogs. I think Amber would love it there!

Finally, they have a groom room facility! I imagine some lucky dogs have a great day here – they get a makeover, a play date with loads of other doggy friends and endless attention from the cafe customers.

We will definitely be visiting again and would recommend it to anyone who lives in/ around the Manchester area.

Ellie and Amber x

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