Lymm Dam | Dog Friendly Cheshire


One of my all time favourite places to walk Amber is Lymm. For such a small town, there’s a lot to do. Lymm has it all – fields, a canal, woods and of course Lymm Dam. They also have some dog friendly pubs in and around the village so you can really make a day of it when you visit.

With Amber’s Birthday coming up on Tuesday (10th April) I decided to celebrate this weekend by planning a day out with her friend Skye the border collie!


Luckily the British weather was actually on our side for once and as well as having no rain, we were even graced with a bit of sun. After having a very long lie in, we started the day off with a walk down the canal. Despite the good weather, being the little mud magnet she is, Amber still managed to end up looking like she was wearing brown socks about 5 minutes into our adventure.

The canal runs right through Lymm and the surrounding towns so it’s a great walk on its own – I’ll do another blog about some of our favourite canal walks – but today we used it as a passage to get to Lymm Dam. You can come off the canal into the village then cut through the village to get to the Dam, which is what we decided to do. Walking down the canal is much nicer than walking though the town itself, and far more entertaining for the dogs. Amber got very excited when she saw a group of ducks. She would have gone in after them if she was less of a wimp! Although that might have been a good thing as it would have at least cleaned her up a bit; at this point she was absolutely covered in mud.


After a short walk through the village, we made it to out destination, Lymm Dam! This is definitely up there in my list of all time favourite walks. It’s great for Amber as it’s a circuit which takes about 45 minutes to complete. Since Amber is broken 90% of the time, I usually try to keep her walks to under an hour, so this is perfect for her! If you don’t want to walk the whole way around, you can also cut across in the middle. This takes about 20 minutes off your walk which is what we did today (Since Amber had already walked down the canal to get there). The fact that it’s a circuit is also great for us humans, especially the ones who like taking photos, because it means there is always different scenery to be looking out for and you’re never going back on yourself.



Both the canal and Lymm Dam are especially great places for dogs who enjoy swimming. Unfortunately, Amber is not one of those and would rather stay dirty for days than go anywhere near water. But if you do have a water-loving dog, keep these locations in mind!


Once we had completed our walk around the Dam, we walked back through the Village. The plan was to get food there, but since it was a nice day, everywhere was packed! So instead we went to a lovely little pub that is just a 5 minute drive outside of Lymm called the Saracens Head. Unfortunately they doesn’t allow dogs in the bar but the food was great and there is plenty of outside seating so it’s a great place to consider for summer, or the occasional miracle spring day when it isn’t raining (like today)!


Despite not allowing dogs indoors, they do still keep them in mind and provide dog bowls near the outside seating area. Amber is usually too fussy to drink out of communal dog bowls, but even she gave in and had a little drink, which I’m sure was very much needed after her walk!

All in all, Amber had a great day and is now fast asleep next to me on the sofa as I write this. She had loads of fun looking for ducks on the canal, running around the Dam (yes, she actually ran a little – amazing!) and begging for food at the pub! I’d definitely recommend exploring Lymm if you are ever in the area, as I’m sure Amber would too!

Love, Ellie and Amber x


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