Summer Favourites | 2017

August has come to and end and that only means one thing… summer is over. Nooooo! As children go back to school and parents go back to work, Amber will resume her routine of sleeping all day… nothing new there. We have thoroughly enjoyed summer 2017 and I thought it would be fun to share some products with you that have helped make our summer special!



Nothing says summertime like a good floral print! Amber has enjoyed rocking her floral bandanas from Luna’s Loft and Whisker and Stitched which have helped us get into the spirit of summer, even on the not so warm days (don’t you love the British weather!?). We also have a new found love for bow ties, something that I didn’t like to put Amber in and risk her being mistaken for a male, which happens too often already. However, the Lavender Fields bow tie from Luna’s Loft completely changed my tune and proved to me that Amber can pull off a bow tie whilst still looking like the pretty little girl that she is! I loved this product so much that I have just taken advantage of the Luna’s Loft summer sale and ordered a load more… a dog can never have too many accessories, right?

Walk attire


One of my favourite collar/ lead sets this season has been our pink and white rope set from Luna’s Loft. Their rope leads are the best leads I have ever owned in terms of comfort – they are made of incredibly soft, top quality rope! I am fortunate enough to have a lazy dog so she doesn’t often pull on the lead, but on the odd occasion that Amber gets overexcited after spotting a cat, the lead is still extremely comfortable to hold.

Another of my favourer pieces of attire this summer is the Devil Dood Designs rainbow tie-dye collar, the perfect colour palette for the hottest season of the year. This comes with the addition of a metal ID tag attached to the body f the collar meaning that I didn’t have to go through the faff of moving tags over from one collar to another. I am always impressed with the quality of the DDD parcord products from the precision of the weave to the high quality metal hardware!



Since Amber thinks she’s human, she doesn’t often play with toys. That being said, she does have her mad five minutes each day in which she realises she’s a dog and will rush around the room like a lunatic! She’s quite picky with toys and for the past few months has been favouring her squeaky donut from Pets at Home. She is also partial to a tug toy, I think its because it means that I have to play with her! I don’t like to give her rope toys so was very excited when we received a fleece tug from Luna’s Loft in Amber’s birthday box back in April. She has been loving it ever since and sometimes just picking it up is enough to encourage a short play… which doesn’t often happen with Amber.



Being a greedy dog, food is constantly on Amber’s mind. During the summer we do a considerable amount of traveling and one thing that I have found extremely handy has been Guru Field Trip Bones. These can be used as a meal on the go as well as treats. I have used these on numerous occasions, they are great for long car/train journeys or even to refuel after a long walk. Amber loves them and gobbles them down in no time!

Amber has also been enjoying her antler recently. Although its not actually edible I have included it anyway as it is something tasty for her to chew on. As well as having an appealing flavour and being much better than synthetic chews, it helps in keeping her teeth nice and pearly by getting to the back of her mouth which she makes it rather challenging for me to brush. I don’t know who appreciates the entire more, Amber or me.

Although we are sad that Summer has come to an end, we’re excited for all the joys of Autumn. Cosy evenings in with the heating on and gorgeous autumnal colours that are prefect for photography. Bring on the grey skies and drizzle!img_1132-2

9 thoughts on “Summer Favourites | 2017

    • Thank you lovely! I got her antler from Pets Corner but I believe they also do them in Pets at Home. I’d definitely recommend Trip bones, so handy for travel. X


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