Packing for a dog friendly trip 

I am currently sat on the train on the way to Scotland, whizzing through open fields at 125mph as the sun sets. Like many other things in life, I have left my blog writing until last minute. I’m a disorganised mess 99% of the time, however, one thing that I do like to be organised with is packing. Specifically packing for Amber! As a crazy dog lady, her needs come before mine and I ensure that everything she could possibly need is neatly packed into our case. I have devised a list of what I usually pack in Amber’s travel bag, ranging from the essentials to the optionals. I’d like to say this if for the benefit of others, but in reality it’s so I don’t forget anything! So, without further a do, let’s get into the list…1. As I’m sure Amber would agree, the most important items on the list are food & water! When we are only off on a small adventure i.e a long weekend, I like to pack Amber’s food into bags containing the correct amount for each day we are away. This way I know i’m feeding her the correct amount without having to bring her measuring cup, which would otherwise take up valuable space in the suitcase that could be used for accessories. 

2. Almost as important as the food is treats! These are extremely handy on the journey there, whether it be by car or by train. They are also essential as rewards for posing nicely to have her photograph taken! 3. Being the broken dog she is, Amber is on joint supplements for her Luxating patella for life, however when she does have any other medication that also goes in with the supplements. I also count her toothpaste as medication as keeping those pearly whites nice is very important! 

4. I always pack Amber a snack for the journey, especially if we are on the road for over two hours. Our journey to Scotland is around three hours so I’ve packed her a Guru Pet Food trip bone – she loves them! 5. Even when Amber is not planning on getting dirty or taking a bath, I like to take one of her towels along. This really seems to help her settle in as she has a familiar scent around the house/ hotel (depending on where are staying). 

6. Equafleece is my life saver! I’m pretty confident it is Amber’s too. Her fleeces have saved her from many a bath. They are very handy to put on either before walks to prevent the mess, or after walks to contain the mess on the journey home! 7. Amber’s accessories! For this weekends trip to Scotland I have packed 4 Luna’s Loft bandanas (including a tartan one because when in Scotland…), a Luna’s Loft rope collar, a Millie & Bailey script collar and her rainbow collar from Devil Dood Designs – not pictured as she’s wearing it! 

We’ve got a busy weekend ahead and our train stop is fast approaching, but we are prepared for what is to come! Paws crossed we have a good weekend away – I’m sure we will as we’re staying with Toby (@lifewithtoby on Instagram) and his mum Hayleigh. There’s never a dull moment with those two! 

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