Dog Fest North | Saturday 17th June

Amber and I were very excited to be going to Dog Fest Cheshire again this year! It’s always fun to meet new friends there and visit our favourite companies. 

Amber’s outfit for the event:

You can’t deny the message on Amber’s tag!

Since Amber had a wide variety of possible outfits to choose from (8 in total), we asked our Instagram followers to vote for their favourite. Outfit #3 won with a grand total of 9 votes. This outfit was made up of a rope style paracord collar from Devil Dood Designs, a double sided floral bandana from Luna’s Loft and a hair bow from Auburn Rose Boutique

I also packed Amber’s yellow and white polkadot bandana from Luna’s Loft for some photos at the Guru Pet Food stand! 

The journey:

I seem to do this in every blog but I’m going to do it again and complain about the journey. This is something that I want to address as this has been an issue for at least the past two years at Dog Fest. If you arrive after around 10am you hit traffic just down the road from Arley Hall (the location) and will be queueing for at least 45minutes. A journey that usually takes me just under 10 minutes took over an hour. Although I have to say they did seem more prepared this year and had a man handing out drinks for the dogs along the queue! 

What we did at the event:

On arrival at the event we met our friends Ellie and Fudge (@myfriendfudge on Instagram) in the car park and proceeded to enter the Dog Fest. Fudge was a part of the Cover Dog competition so when we got inside we headed over to find the registration point and made sure we knew which ring the contest was being held in. Once we had done this we went for a little walk to find Amy and her cockers spaniels, Hunter and Maple (@adorablecockers) as Maple was also a part of the Cover Dog Contest. We stopped off to buy the first bottle of water of the day on the way as at this point it was already around 25°c and I felt as though I was melting. Yes I am going to be that British person who complains about getting hot weather. I’d like to say I’m sorry, but i’m not!

Maple from @adorablecockers practicing her smile before the Cover Dog competition!

Once the pack was together we headed back over to the dog activity ring ready for the contest. Unfortunately Amber and Hunter were not a part of said competition so we cheered Fudge and Maple along from the sidelines. Although I think the dogs were slightly more interested in sunbathing than watching what was going on inside the ring. Sadly we had no victories but Fudge and Maple are definitely winners in my eyes! They did a great job of posing for the camera, especially on such a warm day.

There was a fantastic line up of gorgeous dogs who had entered
Amber and Hunter sunbathing on the sidelines

Once the contest was over we went round a few stands and walked over to the food section to get yet another bottle of water because at this point Amber had drank her entire water bottle and half of mine. In fact, water was just about the only think we did end up buying as it was far too hot to do any proper shopping. However, whilst sitting in the shade trying to cool down, we did meet some new friends; Bilbo and Bear – they also have a blog! Unfortunately we didn’t manage to snap a photo of the dog’s together but it was lovely seeing them.

Our favourite part of Dog Fest was definitely visiting the Guru Pet Food stand. They had ‘wanted’ posters up on their wall of several dogs from Instagram – the Geeksters – and the aim was to find and ‘capture’ the dogs who were at the event to win a Trip Bone. Amber was on one of the posters and we were ‘captured’ on the way over to the stand! This game can be played at all of the Guru events this summer so keep an eye out for those geeksters if you’re at Dog Fest south this coming weekend (24th – 25th June).

Amber next to her ‘wanted’ poster with the geeksters who captured us. Thank you to the Guru Team for this snap!

Once Amber had been captured and photographed we went and said hi to the rest of the Guru team and of course Amber had a cheeky mid-day snack. She’ll do anything for her Guru so she posed nicely for some photos of their gorgeous stand! The only problem was that we got Amber up onto the shelf to take a few pictures and she didn’t want to leave. It must have been food heaven for a greedy little dog! She sat up there for at least 10 minutes just watching the world go by. I think next year she’ll have to go as part of the stand decor! She blends right in. 

Sitting in her new favourite spot – matching the stand with her yellow and white Luna’s Loft bandana
Fudge (@myfriendfudge) also wanted a go of shade bathing on the shelf

Amber is actually in a bit of a mood with me at the moment as we were planning on going back to the Guru stand on the way out to pick up some more food (I didn’t want to cart it around with us as I was too warm as it was) and some of Guru’s new treats for her but we completely forgot. I blame the heat! 

When we left the Guru stand we attempted to do a bit more shopping but the heat was rather intense at this point – the car said that it was 28°c – so we only ended up going to a few stands. I couldn’t resist picking up some ‘pawsecco’ for Amber from Woof and Brew and snapping a photo of her and Fudge in their adorable doggy bar area!

Getting drunk at the Woof & Brew bar

We decided to call it a day after a short browse through some of the stalls as the dogs were fed up and so were us humans! It was a lovely day out but Amber and I were definitely excited to get home, have a cold drink and recover from the rare sighting of sun in the UK.

8 thoughts on “Dog Fest North | Saturday 17th June

    • I wish I’d take more of the wall of wanted posters! It looks amazing! Fingers crossed you don’t get captured next weekend like we did 😉


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