Bents Garden Centre | The Pet Place 

I decided to go out for lunch with a couple of friends this week and whilst deciding where to go, one of them suggested that we visit Bents Garden Center in Glazebury. This was the perfect opportunity to try out their dog friendly cafe & pet shop – The Pet Place – as I have been meaning to take Amber for a while now but hadn’t gotten round to it.The experience of getting there was somewhat stressful. Having not visited Bents for years, my friends and I were relying on the sat nav to direct us. As it turns out, the sat nav doesn’t take you to the right place! This wasn’t too much of an issue, but word of warning for Apple users: the maps app takes you off at the wrong exit on the roundabout.

Whilst we were faffing about on google maps trying to work out where on earth it was we were meant to be going Amber was fast sleep on the foot well, oblivious to the situation. It really is a dog’s life! After taking a little detour we finally arrived and walked down to The Pet Place. Unfortunately this is the only dog friendly part of the garden centre but this was to be expected and everything your furry friend could ever possibly need can be found there! Upon entering the shop Amber went straight over to the dog bowls provided and had a drink. I like to make sure she has some water after a car journey as it can get quite hot for her in the car under all that fluff!The original plan was to have lunch at the cafe but they didn’t have much in the way of human food. Especially for me being vegetarian. This was slightly disappointing but in hindsight I should have expected it as the cafe is aimed more at dogs than it is people. So instead of lunch I grabbed a cake and a Latte and I have to say I was very impressed with the quality. They tasted amazing! (Although we did shamefully grab a McDonald’s on the way home as cake simply isn’t enough to eat for lunch.)

Whilst my friends and I chatted and caught up, Amber was busy saying hi to the other dogs and people in the cafe. As you can probably imagine, she loves to be the centre of attention!One of my favourite things about The Pet Place at Bents was that they had an entire cabinet full of goodies for our four legged friends such as home made treats, cheesy snacks and some sausages! I thought this was a lovely touch as in many dog friendly cafes they don’t have much for the dogs aside from a bowl of water and a couple of treats in a jar. I bought Amber one of their home made dog treats which she loved! Since she’s on a diet at the moment she ate half there and we saved the other half for later. (Update: she has now eaten it).Once we had all finished our food we decided to go for a walk around the pet shop to see what they had in store. They had an amazing range of products from the essentials such as dog beds and poo bags to luxuries such as dog friendly frozen yoghurt. Unfortunately for Amber, her puppy dog eyes didn’t work on me and we came away empty handed. However, before doing so we had a go in their selfie booth where you can dress your dog up (I didn’t dress Amber up as she was too hot) and snap a photo.Overall we had a lovely day out so have rated our trip to Bents a 4 treats out of 5! 

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