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Amber and I received a very exciting package yesterday! The Auburn Rose Boutique have been kind enough to send us a few of their hand crafted hair bows to try out. Our first products to review on our all new blog!These little bows are definitely going to come in handy as Amber gets terribly shaggy when she hasn’t visited her favourite place (do you sense the sarcasm), the groomers, for a while. The ones we have been sent are clip in which means I’ll be able to clip her fur up and out of her eyes. However, Auburn Rose also do tie in bows and bows to slip onto your dogs collar.The great thing about the Auburn Rose products is that they span a wide range of sizes and are suitable for both dogs and children. We have been sent their smallest size measuring just 3.5cm from tail to tail. The prefect size for tiny dogs such as Amber!I have styled these bows several different ways on Amber. On the top of the head, which I have already mentioned is very handy to keep hair out of eyes, and on the tops of the ears. Amber definitely prefers wearing them on her ears at the moment since the fur around her eyes isn’t quite long enough to need clipping back just yet.I am pleasantly surprised by how willing Amber is to wear hair accessories. We have never tried them before as I honestly thought she’d hate them. I’m extremely pleased that she doesn’t as she looks rather pretty with her new bows in.The only issue I have had is that when Amber itched her ear the bow popped off. For this reason I’d say that it is probably best not to wear them when out and about on walkies – especially if you have a more active dog – as if they get caught on anything you might end up losing them. 

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All in all these bows are a great way to add a bit of style to your dog’s wardrobe and I can guarantee Amber will be getting a lot of use out of them!

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